Aronia Spread with Thyme and Grape

5,00€ / 240g


Top superfood, Aronia, combined with the most characteristic traditional herb, Thyme, create a product of high quality and nutritional value giving you a signature, Greek flavor and aroma.

The organic grape juice substitutes for sugar and is blended nicely with the aronia fruit and thyme, offering you the benefits of those three Greek products for a better more nutritious diet.

Try this unique flavor of the aronia superfood with thyme and grape juice and enjoy the rich antioxidants and nutrients of the fruit. You can include the spread in your breakfast on bread, on toast, with cake or croissants, in yogurt, crepes, tarts, and every sweet creation. The jam can also accompany cold dishes, like cheese platters along with some good wine!

Aronia fruits are farmed in our land in central Macedonia, Greece in accordance with organic agriculture specifications.

  • Sugar free
  • No preservatives
  • Gluten free
  • Vegan and vegetarian friendly

Protection of the environment and going green are the primary goals of mouro superfoods, in addition to using recyclable materials


mouro superfoods uses glass jars and bottles that have many benefits.

Glass is a transparent material that allows the products to be checked for quality, hygiene and possible alterations before even opening the package.

It is made out of inert materials (flavorless and odorless) so that the product doesn’t interact with the package and therefore keeps the natural odor and flavor of the product intact.

Moreover, glass is easily sterilized and pasteurized protecting the final product from microorganisms and temperature changes, while preserving the nutrients and vitamins at the same time.

It is harmless and eco-friendly, it is produced by materials in abundance worldwide and can be recycled countless times with no environmental impact since it is made out of 100% recyclable raw materials.

Last but not least, glass as a material can give a high-end feel to the final product with the impressive shapes, pretty colors and various textures that it can be molded into, giving a sense of good hygiene, security and luxury to the product.