Our company “mouro superfoods”

mouro superfoods is a newly founded company that sells and processes organic aronia fruits.


Aronia entered our lives in our quest to find alternative and potent crops, as we came across the real treasure that is aronia! After extensive research we realized that we in fact stumbled upon the superfood king.


Thus we decided to start growing and farming the aronia bush and later on moved on to process the aronia fruits into tasteful products with an abundance of health benfits.

A few miles away from Thessaloniki, in the heart of northern Greece, in a land of approximately 2 hectares aronia berries are grown in accordance to all the specifications and with the certifications of organic agriculture. Specially selected aronia plants, Aronia Melanocarpa, the Viking variation are farmed in our fields.

Our crops are farmed in accordance with all international standards while we follow all the necessary protocols and specifications required in up-to-date superfood farming regulations.

We farm and grow organic aronia fruits, combine our work and ideas to present you with our organic aronia products.

Our philosophy is to grow and produce the best marketed organic aronia products available with aronia as their main ingredient!

Our goal is to introduce all those beneficial properties of the aronia fruit in our daily diet, giving a new special taste to our breakfast, desserts, appetizers, wine tastings, or even simpler products like juice, dried fruits, beverage (tea), jam, spread, sweet preserve and syrup.

They are high quality products that have a great nutritional value and stand out thanks to their unique taste as well as the health benefits they offer!
Our primary goal is to produce and sell in the Greek market but also in other countried abroad. Today we distribute our products in more than 50 places in Greece and a selected few abroad. Aronia fruit is harvested with special care and love off the bush, so that we ensure they are not spoiled or damaged for a higher quality end product that preserves the benefits of the raw fruit.

The fruit are processed in organic certified laboratories and is packed in elegant packaging that ensure its high quality, as the superfood king. We take especially good care so that all our products are made in accordance with all the international standards while we follow all the necessary protocols and specifications required in up-to-date superfood farming regulations.

All our partners make sure that the fruit is finely processed in the most ideal conditions in the lab. We chose these labs based on hygiene and traditional processing methods in the smaller scale, so that we can achieve the traditional home-made taste and quality. In this manner we ensured that every product is high quality, nutritious, safe and benefits greatly the human body, with no preservatives or artificial additives.

We thank you in advance for trusting us and choosing our company “mouro superfoods” and our products. This is our basic drive to keep trying to better our efforts and line of products.